Going on a solo trip to Paris in 2014 forever changed me





I was in graduate school. My grandmother had just passed away and I just had a calling to Paris. My entire life, I’ve known that’s where I will end up. But that trip was the seedling for me that travel was my passion and I wanted to do as much of it as possible.

As an art historian and travel journalist, I get to go to some of the most interesting and historically-rich places on earth. I started this travel blog to share my experiences with others and help other people who love history, museums, and art to find ways there and make the most of their journey.

Me with Mickey Mouse at Disney World in 1997

Travel has always been my favorite experience.

Ashley Couto plane clouds

My travel hot takes

  • Window seat > aisle seat
  • Support local cab drivers over ridesharing apps
  • Ceilings are often more interesting than what’s on walls

“Journeys are the midwives of thought.”


Bucket list items

  • Be invited by a museum to film content for socials
  • Learn to drive so I can go to more small towns that are hard to get to by train/bus.
  • Visit Nunavut (but maybe not in the dead of winter)
  • Land my own ongoing travel column for a travel publication

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